POECES品牌建立于2012年,始于一個簡單的想法,創造每一個人都可以去享受的音樂體驗。 若干年過去后的今天,位于POECES工業園區內,繼續推動我們前進的仍然是對產品的不斷創新和對品質的不懈努力。 我們向每一個客戶承諾在設計和生產環節上的精益求精。為了實現這個承諾,我們必須使之成為貫穿整個設計、生產體系的唯一準則。 最令我們享受并非是盈利,而是創造一個可以令消費者滿意的產品。我們非常感謝每一個與POECES正在合作或者合作過的客戶,感謝你們讓POECES成為了你們故事當中的一部分。

Our Story begins back in 2012. We had a simple idea and big vision - to create great music experiences that everyone could enjoy and love.

Today, were based in POECES technology park, and the heartbeat that continues to drive us forward is a relentless focus on engineering and design innovation.

Our promise to you is a steadfast commitment to design and engineering excellence and a rigorous attention to details. To deliver on that promise means we have to stay true to our core value of simplicity in everything we do, in order to make products that are beautiful, easy to use and are built to last.

It’s always gratifying to be recognized for your hard work in the form of awards. But what we love and enjoy the most is creating experiences and products you will enjoy for long. We owe a huge thank you to our community for joining us on this amazing journey, and we hope that you will continue to be a part of our story.


POECES 品牌2012年以無線音箱類產品問世進入消費者與客戶的視野。 自成立以來, POECES一直以簡約設計、現代風格和尖端技術為核心,設計、開發及生產了一批又一批生活化的音頻類產品。 POECES 代表了當代設計、創新理念與聲學技術的融合。 經過幾年的發展,開發了一系列針對改進生活方式的創新類音頻產品。在前進的路上,POECES不斷創新: 在現有產品線開發的基礎上,下一步將推出同樣具有生活精神的高端智能音頻產品,已滿足更多音樂狂熱愛好者的需求。

After several years of development with a range of innovative product lines developed aiming to this unique technologic & lifestyle vision, POECES Audio continue its steps and now want to go further:

In addition to the existing product lines development, the next step is to propose a high-end intelligent product collection sharing the same spirit but dedicated to the most exigent music-lovers.


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